Azyrax Self-Portrait

Greetings, Wanderer

I'm Azyrax, or Azy for short! I'm a 23-year-old self-taught traditional and digital character artist from the East Coast! I draw most of my inspiration from fantasy settings (like video games) and the more occult things in life.When I was little, I had one big inspiration: Mimi, my now late grandmother. She would draw, paint, and craft so many things as if she grabbed those ideas out of thin air and went for it. Her room was full of art supplies, often paint-stained, which gave me my love of messy creative spaces. We would use oil pastels, watercolors, and even wrote and illustrated little stories together. I have no doubt she's the one who gave me my dream of becoming a successful artist, and eventually a successful author of a novel series I've been working on when not making art!After she passed, I tried to quit art because it made me too upset. A month later, I felt antsy wanting to create something and my mom told me to just draw. I picked up my pencil and a piece of printer paper and drew my first self portrait. Surely I left tears on that paper, but somehow my skills improved drastically during that month of no art. I like to think that she managed to give me some kind of artsy boost when she left as a way to tell me to keep creating. So I never stopped.Nowadays, my inspiration comes from many places! MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online... Well, pretty much that. And the occult. Sometimes Ghibli films when I'm feeling wholesome! But Mimi still remains my biggest driving force, and that will never change. In my portrait on this page, I have her last oil pastel piece from 2008 tattooed on my arm, retaining all of her original line art. That flower will forever be a reminder to keep drawing and writing, and I will. ♡


Welcome to my art gallery of literally everything I've ever done, from 2016 to now!Please do not use any of my artwork posted here for anything unless you've commissioned one of these pieces. These are either my original characters or someone else's.And most importantly, DO NOT USE ANY OF MY ARTWORK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO TRAIN AI. Thank you.


Simple Portrait - $45+

Want a simple, clean portrait of yourself, your RP character, or maybe your persona? This commission type is ideal for D&D games, social media, and more!With this commission, you can have:A simple background: single color, basic design (as pictured), or a blurred background of your choosingAn outfit (top and/or hat): Sure, it's just a portrait, but you can still show plenty of your fashion taste! Detailed outfits will not increase the price.Optional: Hand positioning (+$5) or holding an item (+$10)Optional: Small companions like a bird, small dragon, etc. (+$15)Before requesting a commission from me, please read my Terms of Service written below.

Detailed Portrait - $??

Coming soon!

Terms of Service

I will draw...

Original Characters - Whether they're from D&D, an MMORPG, or even a character from your own world/story, I'd love to create a visual for them!Humanoid Characters - I'm most experienced in these kinds of characters (Elves and Twi'leks for example, but I can't really do characters like Khajiit very well. Mostly because my fur texturing could use more practice when it comes to maximum fluff).

I will not draw...

Fan Art - I prefer to leave this off of the table as it is too much of a gray area in terms of legalities. So no art of Sylvanas Windrunner or the Pilsbury Dough Boy, unfortunately.Mecha - Quite honestly, I only recently learned what this term was, thus I cannot offer art for these characters. Sorry about that! They cool tho.Furries - Before you may think I'm someone who's all, "Oh no, not the furries!" I f&#@ing love their designs, I just suck at drawing lots of fur. ;_;NSFW - This is not allowed for a few reasons. First and foremost, I don't want my memaw to be disappointed in me (hi memaw!) Second, I'm not super confident in how I draw full-on naked bodies especially in the men's department. Last, I just don't feel comfortable having that type of art in my portfolio. With all that being said, if you have a character who likes being a bit risqué, I have no issues there!

Important Information

✦ I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason, especially if the request violates my terms. I will always notify the client if I do deny their request.✦ When submitting a request, please make sure you have all of your references and details together! At least one reference image is required as well as any written details that may not be in the reference image(s).✦ Communication is key! I enjoy being able to send progress updates and ask additional questions to ensure I get your character right. I'll happily converse with you via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Discord.✦ If for any reason I cannot complete your commission, I will issue a full refund.✦ If you decide to post the artwork on social media or elsewhere, I'd love if you could credit me in the description by either tagging me (@Azyrax on Twitter and Instagram, @AzyraxArt on Facebook) or linking back to my website (azyrax.com)! Also, to avoid someone stealing the high resolution version of your artwork, I'd suggest posting the social sharing version which I will send along with the full size file. ^_^✦ Lastly, and very importantly, you can not use a commissioned piece for commercial purposes unless stated otherwise. I still hold the copyright to the artwork and as of right now, I'm not accepting commissions for commercial use.

Request a Commission

I'm happy to hear you're interested in commissioning me! Please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you soon.


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