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Azyrax, formerly Azyraxv, is a self-taught traditional and digital artist from the USA. She grew up using a mechanical pencil and sketchbooks until she was 16 years old and acquired a Wacom Intuos Draw! She enjoys drawing anything fantasy, spooky, ethereal, and maybe a bit of kawaii. She uses multiple art styles, all varying on how she feels the art piece would look best. She ultimately wants to become a freelance artist and run a small business focused on her creations, both drawn and crafted!


Do you accept commissions?

Currently, I do not accept most commissions as I want to focus on improving my art and finding what I enjoy doing the most artistically! When I do open commissions, I will announce it on all of my social medias.

What art software do you use?

I use both Clip Studio Paint and Krita!

What do you use to draw?

For digital art, I use the HUION Kamvas Pro 20. For traditional art, I still use basic sketchbooks with a mechanical pencil~

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