Looking for some cool new merchy things? Here's where I currently sell my artwork!

Check out my Bonfire shop!This is where I sell apparel. I currently have two fundraisers going, one for AFSP (suicide prevention), and one for NAMI (mental illness). These two are funded through my Frankiboo and Telbupso prints. :)

Check out my INPRNT shop!Here I sell paper prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, phone cases, and art cards. These prints are made to last a lifetime and would look great on your wall... or on all of your walls! Maybe even your ceiling.

Check out my Carrd templates!If you're interested in Carrd but don't know where to start in terms of design, my templates were built with simplicity in mind. (Trust me, you wouldn't want this website as a template, even I get lost in here!)


Other... Artworks

I may as well slap some fun sketches in here too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept commissions?I do not offer commissions right now as I'm working on exploring my artsy side more and finding what makes me happy to create~What do you use to draw?For my digital art, the tablet I use is the HUION Kamvas Pro 20 and the software I use is Clip Studio Paint Pro.As for traditional art, I'm very minimal to the point of just using a cheap mechanical pencil with whatever paper I can find!Can I use your artwork in a project, as my profile picture, reposting, etc?Please contact me about using or posting any of my artwork first otherwise it could be considered stolen.Where can I buy your work?You can find art prints, phone cases, apparel, and Carrd templates here!Have an unanswered question? Send it in!

About Azyrax

Azyrax is a 22-year-old traditional and digital artist from the USA. She draws inspiration for her artwork from various video games, fantasy settings, and stories.She started her journey into the digital art world in late 2016 when her mother gifted her a small Wacom tablet. From then on, she focused on improving her art, heavily motivated by the concept art for World of Warcraft and eventually her favorite artist she looked up to, Faebelina!Years after fiddling with different art styles, she embraced a style much like how she always drew things traditionally, but you know, digitally. She also picked up a simpler, cutesy style for a more recent world she began developing! So really, her style shifts depending on what universe her mind has wandered off into.So yeah, Azy, everybody.

Contact Me

Have an inquiry? Or perhaps you'd like to know my opinion on bagels? You've come to the right place!

Azy's Carrd Templates

A little different from digital art, but I create templates for websites hosted on Carrd!This website that you are on right now was made with Carrd, and my templates will allow you to have more than just a one-page website just like mine! I don't ask for much for these, as I'd like them to be obtainable by everyone. Feel free to browse!Are you in need of a cost-effective, easy-to-use site builder for your small business, art portfolio, or anything in between?
Give Carrd a try with my referral link!

Mystica - $10

May I introduce you to my latest theme, Mystica!This theme is built to fit most if not all themes and niches that want a modern look to work with. I've set up this demo to appear magical yet soft, all while maintaining a clean appearance to try and show the flexibility!This specific template isn't far off from how this website looks, but if you'd like to check it out for yourself, I'll leave the demo here!This template requires the Pro Standard plan or greater.

Shadow - $10

Shadow is the first template I've ever created, built to complement darker themes! This one isn't as modern as Mystica, however, it has something whimsical about it.This theme has a very simple layout that can easily be expanded upon to create something very exciting, all while keeping a generally dark night-y look!Check it out for yourself~This template has no plan restrictions.